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Opposed fundamentally to the way the EU has transformed from a trading bloc into a new USSR

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To publicise the nonsense that comes out of Brussels, but also to highlight the impact that so much red tape and suppresive legislation is having on all of us.

I must admit I only became sceptical about Europe over a period of time. Like most people, I was unaware of the implications of the various treaties being signed in our name, but without the public being very aware or even consulted.

If the EU had stuck with its original selling point to us, then that would have been fine - a close community of trading partners would have been just dandy, but unfortunately, the lies were there from the start. Our own PM Heath lied on this same point.

Subsequent politicians have also misled the British nation - and getting an honest discussion in parliament about the EU project is impossible. Whenever someone mentions the EU, they are jumped on by all and sundry with the accusation 'of continually banging on about Europe'

Well, I wish someone would bang on about Europe because our nation has been sold up the river by con tricks and not mentioning it to the voters as they might get upset - too darn right we would !

1...........So, first point - lied to continually about the nature of the EU and where it was headed.

Now let's look at the democracy angle - or should I say - WHAT DEMOCRACY

Our parliament is used to rubber stamp horrendous amounts of EU legislation. so to say we have Democracy is really missing the point - parliament have no choice but to pass this - all the arguments have already been had in Brussels by the legislators. By the time it gets to the UK, there is no option to amend something - it is literally imposed.
...and ask me who has access to the legislators, why primarily the commissioners.

Some might think that the European parliament would be a bastion for democracy, but No - they have very few powers, and are used to rubber stamp what ever comes their way... so little democratic activity there.

Then we have the amalgamation of our counties into EU regions and trans-national regions. Again, these are not elected bodies, but primarily appointees, with some attendance from local councils who get to fund most of the activities.
So again, a huge lessening of democratic responsibility - these regional assemblies can do what they want and still not feel the boot from voters.

The commissioners call the tunes, and we all know how democratic they are.... oh and did I mention unaccountable.... they are appointed by government horse trading, and are above the law in that they can never be prosecuted.
They work behind closed doors and are known to collaborate with vested interests.

The council of ministers is a talking shop - supposed to take on the bigger things of state... so more horsetrading and no participation by the voters, but also a distinct lack of consideration for the folks back home.

2...........Next point - Democracy is almost no-exsistant in the emerging superstate.

We should mention the value of the legislation coming out of Brussels - the majority of this is designed to enforce the EU institutions or simply as part of the move towards cohesion. In other words, they want us all to be the same and have the same opportunities - this means bringing us all down to the lowest common denominator.
The resulting red tape has sacrificed many small companies, and the burden in terms of cost and effort increases daily, making the EU uncompetitive and with a culture all the time more inclined to say 'why bother'.
Innovation is also dying the same death, as the state only rewards those that live off of it.

3...........So, Excessive and unnatural legislation is killing us commercially.

Have we mentioned personal freedoms - or how the EU has instigated id cards across Europe, or tracking by satellite of all car journeys, allegedly to help congestion, but primarily to spy on their own citizens and extract